Minimally Invasive Surgery

As a top-ranked OB-GYN practice for women, Women’s Health Specialists is a leading provider of minimally invasive surgery to treat a wide array of gynecological issues. These state-of-the-art approaches help women recover more quickly and with less discomfort compared to traditional surgical methods.

What are minimally invasive gynecological surgeries?

Minimally invasive surgeries are surgeries that use very small incisions to access the surgical site. Some types of surgery use no incisions, instead accessing areas like the cervix or uterus through the vagina. Minimally invasive surgeries use special instruments designed to operate through small incisions, and they frequently use cameras to provide better views of the interior of the body. Images can be transmitted to a special monitor for viewing.

What are the benefits of minimally invasive surgery compared to traditional surgical approaches?

Minimally invasive surgery has been associated with less bleeding and a reduced risk of complications compared to traditional surgery, and it is also associated with faster recovery and less discomfort during the recovery period. Patients who have minimally invasive surgeries typically can resume their normal activities much more quickly than those who have traditional surgeries, and many minimally-invasive surgeries can be performed using sedation or nerve blocks, avoiding general anesthesia and its attendant risks.

What kinds of procedures can be performed using a minimally invasive approach?

Gynecology uses minimally-invasive approaches to performing an array of surgeries, including:

  • Complex gynecology cancer
  • Hysterectomy (removal of the uterus)

  • Oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries)

  • Treatment of endometriosis, which occurs when the uterine lining tissue grows outside the uterus

  • Ectopic pregnancy

  • Treatment for menorrhagia, or very heavy bleeding

  • Fibroid removal

  • Infertility treatments

Most minimally-invasive procedures can be performed as same-day procedures, meaning patients will go home shortly after their procedures.

Can all types of gynecological surgeries be performed using minimally invasive approaches?

No. Although today’s minimally-invasive procedures are much more advanced and offer far more options than ever before, they are still not always the best choice for every situation. At Women’s Health Specialists, the decision of whether or not to use a minimally-invasive approach is made on a case-by-case basis to help ensure the best outcome possible.