What does an annual well-woman exam entail?

Many women assume that the annual well-woman exam is the appointment for your annual Pap smear. This is not entirely the case. A Well Woman exam should encompass a woman’s overall health and focus on preventative treatments and behavior changes. This is a great time to schedule a Pap exam. This visit is an opportunity for the doctor and patient to review the patient’s health and discuss any concerns.

What will the doctor want to cover?

The content of this visit is up to the patient. She will lead the conversation around her life. The visit could cover any of the following. This list is not all inclusive. The well-woman exam is tailored to the individual patient. The visit could cover the following:

  • Contraception

  • Blood pressure

  • Cholesterol

  • Depression or other mental health concerns

  • Nutrition, diet, and vitamin D

  • STI testing including HIV screening

  • Vaccines and immunizations

  • Alcohol misuse

Why do I need one?

Women lead hectic and stressful lives and it is important to take time to review your health with your doctor. This is an opportunity to take a little time for yourself to seek advice for any health concerns you may have been ignoring. We spend so much time taking care of others that we have to make sure to take care of ourselves. Even if nothing is wrong, it is vital to take the time to review your health, just to make sure. The annual well-woman exam is also an opportunity to take care of any tests or obtain referrals like mammograms, Pap smears, vaccine boosters, and DEXA scans.

Service available at the following locations: Rockville, Germantown, and PG County.